Open4357-C BSP

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by darthvader on Sat May 24 04:21:12 MST 2014
Hello  :)
I just start with the 4357 (was on st429 before) and i will like to know if they is somewhere the BSP files (for latest lpcopen libs) for the Open4357-C Package B board from waveshare ??
That is this board : dev board
On the LpcOpen 2.12 lib i see only BSP for the base keil , iar etc board.
As i have use Keil on st407/429 chip and i will try this compiler with the LPC4357 too but the pin , clock , SDRAM config are actually annoying to me  :O
I get some examples with the board but the library is the old outdated ones , it's why i ask here if someone have a ready to use BSP (only core board + LCD) will be ok to me to start
so i will read the data-sheet and references paper in time i made some tests.