LPC4088 - IO configuration

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by TKoe on Tue Mar 26 02:54:52 MST 2013

I've been reading the user manual for the 4088 and I've found some error in the part with the IO configuration.
On page 141 all type W pins are listed: P0[7] to P0[9], P1[5] to P1[7], P[1]14 and P[1]16 to P[1]17.
However, on page 140 only the pins on Port 0 are listed. The other pins are also not listed on page 130 (the pins that are not type D pins). They are also missing in the type D table.

I am assuming that that is a copy/paste error from the LPC1788 and that the tables for the type D and W pins are correct (and only the descriptions are faulty) but can anyone confirm that?

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