LPCOpen support for LPC4088 Quick Start Board

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by kulivontot on Fri Jun 05 15:46:05 MST 2015
I'm transitioning from mBed.org to LPCXpresso to experiment with using the LPC4088 as a USB host for mass storage devices due to mBed's incomplete support for USB Host for this device.  What I'm finding is that all the examples are written for the EA Dev kit and not the QSB from mBed, so running the LPCOpen examples gives inconsistent results.  I'd dig through it to see exactly what's different, but I can't get access to the EA dev kit schematics without having purchased it first.  I see some other references here to people using the QSB with LPCXpresso, so I have to wonder if there is another set of example code that I should be using.  Does anybody have any recommendations for moving forward?  I feel like reading data off a USB stick shouldn't be something as difficult as I'm imagining it to be.