Start bit error reading SD Card using lpc_mci.c

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Hello, Community!

I have a problem with reading of 4GB SD Card using FatFs R0.11a, fs_mci.c V1.0 and lpc_mci.c V2.0 on my LPC4088. After initialising everything works, except reading the file. I've found, there is a start bit error in the variable MCI_Data_Xfer_ERR if I call the function MCI_ReadBlock with the parameter numOfBlock>1. For numOfBlock=1 everything works fine and no start bit error occurs. 

I can read the card data and the directory, can properly determine file size, I can also read all sectors separately without errors. If I try to read more, than one sector as a block, I get start bit error.

Any ideas? Thx in advance.

See terminal recording:

SD Card found, checking for updates...

Card Info:
FAT type         = FAT32
Bytes/Cluster    = 4096
Number of FATs   = 2
Root DIR entries = 0
Sectors/FAT      = 7531
# of clusters    = 963860
FAT start        = 33452
DIR start        = 2
Data start (lba) = 48514

2 files in 2452520 bytes and 0 folders.
3855440 KB total disk space.
3853036 KB available.

Checking graphics data file:
Found graphics file GRAPHICS.DAT
Reading 2281820 bytes...SBEErrState 512!
Error reading file, code 1, bytes read 12288
0 bytes read.Error reading file!

Checking program update file:
Found update file UPDATE.BIN
No updates found.