Reset DMA transfer size

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Hi there,
I´m using an LPC4074 and I´m transfering data from UART2 to memory with the DMA.
This works fine as long as the packages are exactly as long as expected.
Every now and then a data package is getting corrupted and some bytes are missing. For those cases I´ve written a routine, that cancels the transfer after a timeout has been reached.
Now I´ve got the problem, that in the Control Register the transfer size is not zero and I can´t reset it.
I´ve already tried to halt the channel, disable the channel, but I can´t set the transfer size to zero.
I couldn´t find what I´m doing wrong.
Has anybody done something similar? Or an idea?
Thanks in advance.

The channel is configured as follows:

Control Register:
Terminal Count Interrupt enabled
Destination Increment enabled
Source Increment disabled
Source Destination Transfer Width Byte
Source Destination Burst Size Byte
Transfersize depending on expected Data package

Config Register:
Lock disabled
Terminal Count Interrupt not masked
Error Interrupt masked
Transfertype Peripheral to Memory Flowcontroller DMA
Destination Peripheral Memory
Source Peripheral UART2 Rx
Channel enabled