looking for BSP for EA LPC4088 QuickStartBoard

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by JojoS on Sat Jan 04 09:44:36 MST 2014
I've got the new LPC4088 QuickStartBoard from Embedded Artists. With the LPCXpresso 6.1 and the LPCLink2 I got a 'Hello World' running very quickly.
Now I try the ethernet interface. As a base I use the RDB4078_uIP_dhcp project from the included samples. I changed the project settings to use EA BSP, but without success. The code hangs at the initalisation of the phy (LAN8720 is used). After performing the reset command a status is checked and not giving the right result.
So it would be much easier to use the correct board support package, the LPC407x_8x_PDL_BSP_EA_PA is not the right one. I'm trying to adapt it now, but maybe there is already an existing one?