Watchdog on the LPC4088

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I'm having trouble making the watchdog fire on this processor. The example code I've found is for the LPC11XX family.

I have programmed for a minimal watchdog with no Warn or Protect enabled. Just a straight count down from the default value of 0xff.
This means that I have a 0x03 in the Mode register (enable and Reset). I leave the TC register alone since it's reset value is 0xff. I then "feed" the watchdog once and only once. I then turn on the WDT_IRQn vector and enter a loop.

I have a console programmed up and in it I can look at the TV register value. It is only ever 0xff. No decrement ever happens and the watchdog never goes off.

I have looked at the User Manual and there is a dedicated oscillator to drive the watchdog functionality and it does not appear to have to be "selected" or enabled. There is mention of a PCLK but amount of searching shows a bit in anything that will enable the watchdog.

This is different than the LPC1768 in which the clock has to be selected for the watchdog. So, any demo code I find is only able to be compiled if I use a 1768 and not a 4088.

Here is my starting code snippet....


  /* Setup the Watchdog timer operating mode in WDMOD register */
  theValue = *(uint32_t*)(this->theBaseRegister + Watchdog::WDT_Register_MOD);
  theValue = (theValue & ~(theModeBM)) | theModeBM;
  *(uint32_t*)(this->theBaseRegister + Watchdog::WDT_Register_MOD) = theValue;

  /* Set a value for the Watchdog window time in WDWINDOW if windowed operation required */

  /* Set a value for the Watchdog warning interrupt in the WDWARNINT register if a warning interrupt is required */

  theValue = *(uint32_t*)(this->theBaseRegister + WDT_Register_MOD);
  theValue |= WDT_Mode_Running;
  *(uint32_t*)(this->theBaseRegister + WDT_Register_MOD) = theValue;

  /* Enable the Watchdog by writing 0xAA followed by 0x55 to the WDFEED register */
  *(uint32_t*)(this->theBaseRegister + WDT_Register_FEED) = 0xaa;
  *(uint32_t*)(this->theBaseRegister + WDT_Register_FEED) = 0x55;

  /* The Watchdog must be fed again before the Watchdog counter reaches zero in order
   * to prevent a Watchdog event. If a window value is programmed, the feed must also
   * occur after the Watchdog counter passes that value.