SDRAM and LCD on the EMC

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by schisanoa on Fri Apr 25 08:43:15 MST 2014
I have a little trouble with SDRAM and LCD,

The board is the LPC4088 from embedded artist, with 256Mb SDRAM, that use 32bit EMC bus, on the same bus I use 16 Bit after a Buffer for the TFT LCD. If I use only di LCD(so I initialize only the LCD static config on EMC) the Display work right, even if I initialize only the SDRAM the SDRAM work well, but the problem is when I try to run both the LCD and the SDRAM, in this case the SDRAM work well(or seems to work well) and the display doesn't work(it seems to only initialize correctly, but I'm not sure).

I'm using LPC open, and the configuration is the default sample code configuration for the SDRAM, and for the LCD I copied the configuration of the NandFlash and adapt it for my display.

Does someone know what may happen when I try to run Display and SDRAM?