Not able to get interrupt enable work in LPC4078

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Working on serial interface in LPC4078.

I am facing a problem in enabling UART1 or UART2 interrupts. Thinking that this is a common problem, may be someone has solution.

LPC4078 Project is using RTX as an OS, RL-CAN driver and serial port to communicate.

RL-CAN driver is able to use NVIC_EnableIRQ(CAN) because that is getting initialize under "Privilage " mode of OS and when I call CAN init first or if I move NVIC_EnableIRQ(UART2) where CAN is initializing its interrupt it works fine.

But if i try to enable UART2 interrupt elsewhere it doesn't work and it generates "HardFault"exception. I also want to use USB lib but I am not able to use it because it doesn't work either.
below serial init function()

uint32 DLreload;
    uint32 ss1;

TxBuffer.in =0;
TxBuffer.out =0;

RxBuffer.in =0;
RxBuffer.out =0;

DLreload = ((SERIAL_PCLK / 16UL) + (baudrate-1)) / baudrate;

    setbit(LPC_SC->PCONP,4);/*power UART2 */
/* Enable TxD1 */
/* Enable RxD1 */
    /* Enable DTR1 */


LPC_UART1->FDR    = 0;                          /* Fractional divider not used       */
LPC_UART1->LCR    = 0x83;                       /* 8 bits, no Parity, 1 Stop bit     */
LPC_UART1->IER = 0;               /* Disable UART1 Interrupts */   
LPC_UART1->DLL = DLreload;
LPC_UART1->DLM = (DLreload >> 8);

LPC_UART1->LCR   = 0x03;                       /* DLAB = 0                          */
CLR_DTR();      /*DTR is active low*/
LPC_UART1->IER = 3;       /* Enable UART1 RX and THRE Interrupts */

// Create CanTask
m_SerialTaskTID = os_tsk_create(SerialTask, OS_TASK_PRI_SERIAL);

Please guide and let me know if i am doing something wrong here..