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Content originally posted in LPCWare by phuockal on Wed Sep 23 04:49:35 MST 2015
hi friends, experts!

I am using LPC4078 evaluation board and I can read/write SD card in text file and binary file without any problem.
Now I try to work with XML file format. I found a lot of XML open source parser in the internet but I hit a problem is:

- The open source XML use standard C library to such as: fopen() to open a file, fread() to read, fwrite() to write to file.Example:

fp = fopen("filename.xml", "w");
mxmlSaveFile(tree, fp, MXML_NO_CALLBACK);

- While I am using library developed by NXP. Example:
        FRESULT rc;
rc = f_open(&Fil, "HELLO.xml", FA_WRITE | FA_CREATE_ALWAYS);
        rc = f_close(&Fil);

Even compiling ok, the CPU will hang when hit to function fopen() in XML parser code.

Any help is appreciated!