SSP issue on LPC4088 Embedded Artists Dev Kits

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by lenguyen on Mon Jan 20 08:37:44 MST 2014

I configure SSP1 on LPC4088 dev kits using LPCOpen v1.03 to talk to TI ADC ADS8332 using SPI protocol. I can not get it to work. Here's couple information that we've seen so far. Both signals of Clock, MOSI from master (LPC4088) are good, however there is nothing from MISO, also chip select is low all the time. we also checked the documents and LPCopen code, there is a big discrepancy between LPCOpen and hardware configuration that on board schematic the SPI-SEL is GPIO69 and it's mapped to P2.14 however in Board_SSP_Init() function configures as P5.3.

Am I missing anything ?

Any input is very appreciated.