Flash signature is not the same unit to unit

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Hi All,

I am working on to put flash signature in our software version for version control. We are having two development system (PCs). The software is shared between this two work station and is downloaded into two different MCU boards.  However the flash signature does not the same in these boards.
Here's our code:

uint8_t i;

/*<! Clear any previous "done flag" */

/*<! Start the signature generator for all flash memory */
Chip_FMC_ComputeSignatureBlocks(START_FLASH_ADDR, (FLASH_SIZE / 16));

/*<! Check for signature generation to be completed */
while (Chip_FMC_IsSignatureBusy()) {}

/*<! Clear busy flag */

/* Get all 128 bits of signature */
for (i = 0; i < SOFTWARE_SIGNATURE_BITS/32; i++) {
verChecksum = Chip_FMC_GetSignature(i);

Any thought ?