Weird behavior debugging Embedded Artists LPC4088 Quickstart Board using LPC-Link-2

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I am running into some weird behavior when debugging a simple "hello world" program on an LPC4088 Quickstart Board using an LPC-Link-2. The processor seems to hard fault, lock up or the LPC Link looses control of the 4088 quickstart board (I am not sure which) when I read or write certain registers. That may just be a red herring though. The problem may be happening after a fixed number of clock cycles or some fixed amount of time.

I am using:

Crossworks 2.3.5
Segger J-Link driver to connect Crossworks to the LPC4088 quickstart board via the LPC-Link-2
Embedded Artists LPC4088 quickstart board

The Segger J-Link driver/ Crossworks 2.3.5 / LPC-Link-2 tool chain works with the Xpresso LPC812 and LPC1549 dev boards that I have

I have read the FAQ on design considerations for debug (http://www.lpcware.com/content/faq/lpcxpresso/debug-design)

I have confirmed that the Segger J-Link driver is configured for SWD mode

I have a 4 kb stack allocated in my project properties.

The 'hello world' program is very simple. I am only trying to configure the PLL. The 'Setup_PLL' function is the first function called in Main. The debugger enters an unknown state when I read from the SPIFICLKSEL register. Commenting that line out just moves the point where the problem occurs to another line of code further down.

The code is as follows:

int main(void)
  _u_int32 uCycleCount = 0;


  while( 1 )

  return 0;

void Setup_PLL(void)
  // Set-up system clock for use with a 1 - 25 MHz crystal
  SCS &= 0x0000006F;

  // Enable system clock
  if( SCS & 0x00000040 )
    SCS |= 0x00000020;

  // debugging code:
  _u_int32 uTemp1 = CLKSRCSEL;
  _u_int32 uTemp2 = CCLKSEL;
  _u_int32 uTemp3 = SPIFICLKSEL;
  // end debugging code

  // Ensure that the PLL is not currently the clock source
  USBCLKSEL = 0x00000000;
  PCLKSEL = 0x00000000;
  SPIFICLKSEL &= 0x0000001F;

  // Ensure the main oscillator is the PLL clock source.
  CLKSRCSEL = 0x00000001;

  // Ensure that Sysclk is used as the input to the CPU clock divider (keeping CCLKDIV bits set to their default value).
  CCLKSEL = 0x00000001;

  // Disable the PLL.

  PLL0CFG = 0x00000007;

  // Enable the PLL.

  // Wait for the PLL to lock to set frequency
  while(!(PLL0STAT & PLL0STAT_PLOCK0));

  // Connect the PLL. 

  // Set the PLL as the main clock source
  CCLKSEL = 0x00000101;


void pll_feed( void )



Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance,