LPC4088Quick_Start + LPC4088 Experiment_BB periph_blinky not working

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by ISTVAN on Mon Feb 08 20:49:00 MST 2016
I have the LPC4088 Quickstart Board with the LPC4088 Experimental Base Board. I am able to run and single step the "periph_blinky" example but none of the LEDs on the LPC Quickstart board or the LPC4088 Experimental Base Board are blinking.

As I single step into Chip_GPIO_SetPinToggle(LPC_GPIO, ledports[LEDNumber], ledpins[LEDNumber]); I see P2.26 is being toggled. On the schematic P2.26 isn't connected to an LED (as far as I can tell).
Can somebody shed some light on this?