SPIFI rewriting problem.

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    There is small problem in my spifi flash program. i can write and read the data into flash one time, when am write again int that address again i am getting 0.writing into same address results zero.and not the updated value. iam using LPC xpresso and processor is LPC 4088.
flash = S25FL127SABMFI101. am using prebuilt library for spifi. Below is the program part am used for spifi read/write. please tell me if there is anything i have to do in this code.

spifi_io_clk_init();                                   //pin initialisn
LPC_SC->SPIFICLKSEL |= 0x00000102;       //clock selection

errCode = spifiInit(LPC_SPIFI_BASE, true);         //LPC_spifi base is =0x20094000UL
memSize = spifiGetHandleMemSize(LPC_SPIFI_BASE);
if (memSize == 0)
/* No device detected, error */
return (SPIFI_ERR_GEN);

pSpifiHandle = spifiInitDevice(&lmem, sizeof(lmem), LPC_SPIFI_BASE,SPIFLASH_BASE_ADDRESS); 
if (pSpifiHandle == NULL)
return (SPIFI_ERR_GEN);
/* Get some info needed for the application */
maxSpifiClock = spifiDevGetInfo(pSpifiHandle, SPIFI_INFO_MAXCLOCK);
/* turn on memmode on for default */
spifiDevSetMemMode(pSpifiHandle, true);
errCode = spifiProgram(pSpifiHandle,SPIFLASH_BASE_ADDRESS1,data_X,sizeof data_X);
errCode = spifiRead(pSpifiHandle,SPIFLASH_BASE_ADDRESS1,data_R,sizeof data_R);

thanks and regards