LPC4078FBD80 SPI1 MISO on pin 62 - P0.8 not working, but working on pin 25 - P1.18

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by accabog on Wed Feb 17 13:19:15 MST 2016
Has anyone encountered that SPI1 MISO line set to PIN62(P0.8 - FUNC2) is reading back only 0x00 all the time, but with the exact same SPI configuration and SPI1 MISO mapped to P1.18 FUNC5 it works perfectly?
There is no mention about this issue in the errata and the User Manual clearly specifies that PIN62 P0.8 is a valid SPI1 MISO pin for FBD80.
Seems clearly to me it is a HW issue, tried 2 different MCUs and the behaviour is the same. Any help / confirmation would be much appreciated. Thanks!