Writing a Device Driver for External Memory Controller (EMC) peripheral on LPC3250

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by yildizabdullah on Mon Aug 26 02:07:06 MST 2013
I need some help with External Memory Controller (EMC) peripheral on LPC3250 microprocessor.

I want to write a device driver for this peripheral but I could only have found a definition for the addresses of the various sections of the peripheral at linux-

include/mach/platform.h:#define EMC_BASE        0x31080000
include/mach/platform.h:#define AHB1_SIZE       ((EMC_BASE - DMA_BASE) + SZ_4K)
include/mach/platform.h:#define EMC_CS0_BASE0xE0000000
include/mach/platform.h:#define EMC_CS1_BASE0xE1000000
include/mach/platform.h:#define EMC_CS2_BASE0xE2000000
include/mach/platform.h:#define EMC_CS3_BASE0xE3000000
include/mach/platform.h:#define EMC_DYCS0_BASE0x80000000
include/mach/platform.h:#define EMC_DYCS1_BASE0xA0000000

What should I do after that? Could you help me with this?