Help on configuring PLL on LPC3131

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On the LPC3131, can I please get some help on how to set up the PLL for a certain frequency.  I am not really understanding the documentation in the user manual UM10314.  Here is the sample code I have.  Do I only need to set the 3 dividers?

  //PLL Init 180MHz
  HP1_MODE = 0x4;     //Power Down PLL

  HP1_FIN_SELECT = 0; //Select FFAST as Pll input clock
  HP1_MDEC = 8191;    //M divider
  HP1_NDEC = 770;     //N divider
  HP1_PDEC = 98;      //P divider

  HP1_SELR = 0;
  HP1_SELI = 16;
  HP1_SELP = 8;

  HP1_MODE = 1;       //Enable PLL

  while(!(HP1_STATUS & 1)); //Wait untill PLL locks

Also, I am seeing 90 MHz on the CLOCK_OUT signal.  Is it normal for this to be the main clock divided by 2?

Thanks for any help.