Is anyone know how to increase the clk of lpc313x_mci driver

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I use the "lpc313x_mci_driver" of lpc3xxx_cdl,  I measure the clk of SD , it is 22.5MHz , So reading  SD card is too slow, when I change the parameter below in the lpc313x_mci.h, But it does not work.


#define SD_MMC_ENUM_CLOCK       400000

#define MMC_MAX_CLOCK           20000000

#define MMC_LOW_BUS_MAX_CLOCK   26000000

#define MMC_HIGH_BUS_MAX_CLOCK  52000000

#define SD_MAX_CLOCK            5000000

#define MCI_FIFO_SZ             32

#define SYS_REG_SD_CARD_DELAY  <span class="Apple-tab-span" style="white-space: pre;"> </span>0x1B

#define SYS_REG_MMC_CARD_DELAY  0x16


<em><strong>Is anyone know how to increase the clk. thanks!</strong></em>