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I'm new with LPC xpresso, and I'm starting a new project with LPC4088 Board purchased from Embedded Artists.

In order to understand how to start to develop my code I have tried different way:

1) downloaded from EA support page the example code for LPC4088
in this case when import the project into workspace I need to import also CMSIS, DSPLib, PDL, BSP, etc..., and every project has some include definition into property for the component required. Until here no problem, but, if I check into CMSIS, defined symbols, end so on I see that the defines are for Cortex_CM3, and not CM4, and in the pdl everything is for the LPC17xx, and not 40xx, so I think it is an old code. Then I tried the second way:

2) downloaded from LPC ware the LPCOpen 1.03 for LPC4088: now I have some problem importing the project, because some folder seems to be empty(I'm talking about example code), I don't know if it is a problem of tha MAC OS X version of LPCXpresso or no, but I created my own project, including the single folder that I see are included also in the example project, I set up the startup code and try to set up a free RTOS demo project. Everything seems to be ok, from the first test.

My questions is:

what is the best mode to setup a new project?
is like the EA example code, including in the Workspace the CMSIS, DSPLib, etc, or like LPC Open, including in Project instead of Workspace all the resource, that will be available only for the project?

This question is because I know will be released the new LPCOpen 2.00 for LPC40XX on January 2014, and  I would switch to this version as soon as possible, but I'm starting now and I want to define the basic setting of the project in order to have a more simple way to switch to the newer version of the LPCOpen.

Thank you for your time