How to use the LPC32XX IBIS model?

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hello every one!
    I have a problem about the LPC32XX IBIS model!
    In the IBIS file, it has following description:

   [Pin]   signal_name      model_name        | comments
U15     ADIN0                 NC           |apio3v3 not modeled
T14     ADIN1                 NC           |apio3v3 not modeled
V16     ADIN2                 NC           |apio3v3 not modeled
G14     DBGEN                 bspts3chp
L3      EMC_A[00]/P1.0        mem1bsptz40pch
L4      EMC_A[01]/P1.1        mem1bsptz40pch
M1      EMC_A[02]/P1.2        mem1bsptz40pch
M2      EMC_A[03]/P1.3        mem1bsptz40pch

[Model Selector] mem1bsptz40pch
m1bsptz40pchp_p_sh    Plain input Mode (p1=0, p2=1)
m1bsptz40pchp_p_sl    Plain input Mode (p1=0, p2=1)
m1bsptz40pchp_pd_sh   Pull Down Mode (p1=1, p2=1)
m1bsptz40pchp_pd_sl   Pull Down Mode (p1=1, p2=1)
m1bsptz40pchp_pu_sh   Pull Up Mode (p1=0, p2=0)
m1bsptz40pchp_pu_sl   Pull Up Mode (p1=0, p2=0)
m1bsptz40pchp_r_sh    Repeater Mode (p1=1, p2=0)
m1bsptz40pchp_r_sl    Repeater Mode (p1=1, p2=0)

when I simulate the EMC_A[00]/P1.0 PIN , I don't know select which model of the eight models.
I don't fine any Explain in the datasheets.
help me!!!
The IBIS model and datasheets are following: