Problems configuring LPC32xx for Host Control

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by brothwell on Wed Jun 06 15:00:31 MST 2012
I have been unsuccessful trying to configure a LPC3250 on a Phytec development board for USB Host Control.

The NXP CDL does not have any USB code.
The Phytec BSP does not have any USB examples.
THe UsbHostLite does not have support for the LPC32xx.

So far, I have confirmed the ability to configure the ISP1301.
Clocks appear to be correct.
I have configured the LPC3250 USBHost controller in DAT/SE0 bi-directioanl mode to the point that it queues Transfer Buffers, but the D+/D- lines never toggle on the scope.   Each transfer results in a "No Device Response" condition code.

Anybody have any suggestions or resources?  FYI, We are not using Linux.