NXP 3250 Library - Uart for all 7 ports of the NXP 3250 for IAR in C++

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by trichloramine on Tue Nov 04 13:01:06 MST 2014
I have written a comprehensive interface to the 4 Standard Asynchronous UARTs and the 3 High Speed 14 Clock UARTs.

It is part of a Library of code I have written.

A single, common interface is used to access all UARTs.

All Uarts are interrupt driven, but can be used in polled mode.

RS485 signaling is supported.

There is a password protected "backdoor" integrated into the code,  and a packet protocol you can opt to use to initialize user settings, or monitor activity.

Uart *pUart5 = Uart::Create(5,115200,
(void (*)(char))ReceiveRoutine,bRTS, bCTS);

Uart *pUart7 = Uart::Create(7,921600,
(void (*)(char))AnotherRoutine,bRTS, bCTS);

pUart->Send(buffer,count); // uses the buffer passed - no bit pouring

void ReceiveRoutine(char c)
   /* Whatever you want to do with c. */

If you are interested any part, or all, of the fully functional code in my NXP library please contact me.