How to deploy application to phytec developement board running with NXP WinCE BSP

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by joho1997 on Mon Jul 16 05:45:38 MST 2012
I am having problem to connect to the phytec development board. I have built the Win CE image with with KITL disabled and Ethernet Driver selected on the Catalog. I have included the 5 CoreCon files on the image. I have modified the ip address on the platfrom.reg to a fixed ip address. I can download the WinCE image to the target board through ethernet port. I can ping to the target board with the predefined ip address.

I have also entered the ip address to Tools->Options->Device Tools->Devices->Window CE 5.0 Device->Properties on the VS2005 application instance.

However, whenever I try to connect to the target device from a VS2005 application instance (a C# application instance), it always reports Connection failed. ActiveSync is not installed.

I watch the packets with WebShark, it shows that the VS2005 application instance sends a request to the target device and the device response to the request. After 3 times of retry, the VS2005 application instance reports the connection error.

Just wonder did anyone successfully deploy application to the Phytec Development Board running the NXP WinCE BSP?

Not sure what I have missed. Can someone please advise.

Many Thanks!