LPC1857 inetrfacing with ethernet switch KSZ8863

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     I am using LPC1857 to interface 2 port enet switch KSZ8863. As KSZ8863 is a switch, it has its own register to set link speed, MAC address register for each PHY (PHY1 and 2) etc.
       LPC1857 has Ethernet controller with built in MAC. LPC1857 also has the registers like setting link speed and MAC address etc.
     My question is, how to set LCP1857 controller's register to accommodate both MAC address which set in enet switch?
Normally after auto negotiation, firmware decides what parameters needs to set like half/full duplex mode, 10/100 MBPS speed. But if both ports support different speed then what are the settings need to do in controller's registers?

     Please help me on the same. I am new to this interface as well as controller.

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