SPIFI change memory mode to command mode

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I'm using the keil MCB1800 demoboard with LPC1857. I have made a special bootloader, it copies the userimage from SPIFI to SDRAM and execution works fine.

Now I want to use a part of the SPIFI to read/write some datablocks. How can I get the SPIFI flash out of memory mode? I tried it by doing:

  if (LPC_SPIFI->STAT & 0x01)
    printf("SPIFI in memory mode!\n\r");
    LPC_SPIFI->STAT = 0x10;
    while(LPC_SPIFI->STAT & 0x01);

but the program freezes completely.

but also a direct "reset" :

  for(t0 = TimerMsCnt; TimerMsCnt - t0 < 128; )
    stat = LPC_SPIFI->STAT;
    if ((stat & SPIFI_STAT_RESET) == 0)
      return 1;

it completely freezes.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.