Reset doesn´t work as aspected after Firmwareupdate

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Ben Sch on Fri Sep 18 01:28:31 MST 2015
Hi there,

i´m using a LPC1857 and wrote a firmware which uses only one of the internal flash banks.
After writing a new firmware with the IAP function into the not used flash bank and updating the signatures(old one unvalid, new one valid) i´m trying to do an reset to let the controller start with the internal bootloader to check the signatures and start with the new, valid firmware.

When trying to reset the controller with the CORE reset, it hangs in an unknown state and can only be started again with a hardreset.
If reseting with PERIPHAL or MASTER reset the controller starts the old Firmware with the unvalid signature.
After a hardreset over the button it starts with the new valid firmware.

Can you please help me with a solution to my problem?

Thanks a lot and greetings