120 MHz operation for SWO function in debugging

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My confusion
I am a little confused about what the SWO function is.  I know it is for trace functions and it is referred to as "optional" in the LPC1837 users manual.  But is it "necessary" for ARM debug mode without trace?
I am planning on running at 180 MHz and I see that SWO wont work if the CPU core is greater than 120 MHz.

I am planning on using an LPC Link-2 pod with LPCxpresso. 

I see mention in chapter 46 that the debugger comes up in JTAG mode and then switches to ARM Mode.  So what is the DBGEN pull up/down resistor for?

My questions
- To use LPC Link 2 with my 180MHz CPU should I pull up or down on the DBGEN pin for best debug (without trace) experience?  I.E. quick interaction... most break points.... etc.