SPIFI Flash - Boot from reset problem.

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by NickAtKandevsys on Thu Feb 13 12:06:55 MST 2014
I'm using an LPC1830 part with a supported SPIFI flash chip.

I can download the code into SPIFI flash and run it under the JTAG debugger just fine. I can see the program counter is in the SPIFI flash address range and I can see the flash being accessed on a scope.

However, when I remove the jtag debugger and try and get the board to boot directly into the code it gets stuck in the boot loader (based on the program counter). I have the boot links set to boot from SPIFI and I am not forcing the Bootloader into ISP board.

I do see a brief burst of activity on the SPIFI flash and then it goes quiet. The code then seems to be stuck in a loop polling some flag in low memory 0x10080004 which it never gets out of.

Is there some "magic" needed to make this work? I presume the issue is with the boot loader as the code works fine if I use the JTAG debuggger to run the code directly, thereby skipping the boot loader. There is reference to an image header but it also says this is optional - I dont have one.

Any suggestions how to fix this or debug it further would be gratefully received as I'm currently dead in the water.