SDRAM questions

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Just read through AN11508, SDRAM Interface, and have a couple of questions.  I am using a single x16 SDRAM ( 4M x 16bit ).  My CPU is the LPC1837JET256.

I am looking at figure 6 in the app note. 

- Can I use any single DYCSx line that I want as long as the coresponding CKEx line is also used?

- For 16 bit I will be using DQM1 and DQM0 only.  Correct?

- What do I do with the feedback pins, CLK0 and CLK2?  Just a pad with no trace routed?

- Inside the CPU the signals are listed as EMC_CLK01 and EMC_CLK_23 but the pins CLK0 and CLK2 are used.  Do I really use pins CLK0 and CLK2 or
  should I be using pins EMC_CLK01 and EMC_CLK_23.  On the 256 ball package EMC_CLK2 and EMC_CLK_23 are on different balls.

- Lastly, is there a approved vendor listing of SDRAMs?