LPC1857  Performance

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I work with MCB1857 KEIL eval board, and i use µvision V5.13.0.0
I do the portage of the coreMark in the LPC1857 architecture;
My problem that in my project i have difficulties to decrease frequency and to manipulate flash acceleration  because it is the first one that i use NXP product,
Please find Attached my project and help me to configure my LPC in different frequency:

I think taht in the projct I should modify this function but haw i modify it in order to have differents frequency

/* Set up and initialize clocking prior to call to main */
void Board_SetupClocking(void)
int i;

/* Setup FLASH acceleration to target clock rate prior to clock switch */

Chip_SetupCoreClock(CLKIN_CRYSTAL, MAX_CLOCK_FREQ, true);

/* Setup system base clocks and initial states. This won't enable and
   disable individual clocks, but sets up the base clock sources for
   each individual peripheral clock. */
for (i = 0; i < (sizeof(InitClkStates) / sizeof(InitClkStates[0])); i++) {
Chip_Clock_SetBaseClock(InitClkStates.clk, InitClkStates.clkin,
InitClkStates.autoblock_enab, InitClkStates.powerdn);

/* Reset and enable 32Khz oscillator */
LPC_CREG->CREG0 &= ~((1 << 3) | (1 << 2));
LPC_CREG->CREG0 |= (1 << 1) | (1 << 0);

/* Setup a divider E for main PLL clock switch SPIFI clock to that divider.
   Divide rate is based on CPU speed and speed of SPI FLASH part. */
#if (MAX_CLOCK_FREQ > 180000000)
Chip_Clock_SetDivider(CLK_IDIV_E, CLKIN_MAINPLL, 5);
Chip_Clock_SetDivider(CLK_IDIV_E, CLKIN_MAINPLL, 4);
Chip_Clock_SetBaseClock(CLK_BASE_SPIFI, CLKIN_IDIVE, true, false);

/* LCD with HX8347-D LCD Controller                                         */
/* Attach main PLL clock to divider C with a divider of 2 */
Chip_Clock_SetDivider(CLK_IDIV_C, CLKIN_MAINPLL, 2);

Thank you