FreeRTOS+UDP demo and LPCOpen

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by tvink on Mon Jan 19 12:44:33 MST 2015

I have built and can debug the freertos_tcpecho code in LPCOpen.  It pings as expected and seems to be working properly.

Now I am looking at the  FreeRTOS+UDP demo on the freeRTOS page and they discus the USB console and the CLI interface using a terminal program. 

Should I get a console port with the freertos_tcpecho thingie in LPCOpen?  I do not see any COM ports in device manager when running the code.  Is this only available with the app on the freeRTOS page.  ( I was hoping that the  console port was available any time you run an RTOS project? )   Maybe it is just disabled in the LPCOpen code?