LPC18XX/17XX/408X Profesional Software & Hardware tool set IIdeas and information

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Hi all,

I'm new to ARM world and having experience with PIC & AVR for many years. Currently doing a project to handle a graphics controller with touch screen. The TFT would have maximum resolution of 800x480. I need 8MB of flash memory and 32MB SDRAM to be connected. Therefore I have chose LPC1788 or LPC1850 like device for the project. Since its a commercial project I want to know the ideas about best (price/performance)available software and hardware tools to start the development.

Currently I'm aware of the following

1. Keil MDK with Ulink2
2. CodeRed tool chain with RedProbe
3. IAR Embedded WB for ARM with JLINK
4. Mentor Sourcery
5. Lauterbatch TRACE32

and finally LPC expresso tools.

Pls give  your valuble comments regarding this.