Serial NAND flash driver

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Hi there,

Serial (SPI, QSPI, SPIFI) NAND flash chips seem to be relatively new (2015?)...

Witness these parts:
Winbond W25N01/02 1/2Gb (Single/Dual/Quad SPI)
Macronix MX35LF1/2 1/2Gb (Single/Dual/Quad SPI)
Micron MT291/2/4G01 1/2/4Gb (Single/Dual/Quad SPI)

All the NXP SPIFI drivers seem to be written for interfacing to serial NOR flash ICs...
Has anyone written a SPIFI driver for any of the above-mentioned chips?

I'm using the LPC1850 - want to store code and image data on SPIFI NAND flash, boot from SPIFI NAND, copy code to SDRAM on EMC, execute from SDRAM (I think).

Cheers, Chris.
NZ Embedded Engineer.