LPC4357 dev kit - Element14 - virtual COM port not working

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by ancuk on Wed Apr 23 08:46:20 MST 2014
Hi All,

Total newbie to this device and have stumbled already in the changing room - let alone the first hurdle..... Can anyone please help?

Have the LPC4357 dev kit, a USB cable, and a ULINK2 device. I wanted to try some of the demo examples and get a feel.  Final aim is to re-write lots of legacy Freescale MC68300 code to this device.

Am running, WinXP, Keil 4.74 uVision, and have downloaded code, drivers and examples from Element14. Plugging board into a USB port on laptop prompts for driver-install, as expected. INF file provided did not work ('device driver not found') - the lpc18xx-vcom.inf contained a link to an 'unknown' device


I changed this line, device driver then loaded .... but still a problem, as get a 'CODE 10' - device cannot start.

Anyone got any good ideas? I have tried several laptops - same problem.