LCD flickering issue

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Noufal on Mon Sep 21 11:44:22 MST 2015
Hi, I'm new to LPC controllers, Currently working on a 7" TFT display (480 * 800) interface with LPC1850 on Keil MDK, I'm seeing flickering issue on my display (I think slow refresh rate on display resulting the flicker ). Image is clear. I modified the qvga driver and updated the lcd parameters. Currently I have bypassed the  pixel clock divider in POL register.  I'm suspecting the clock, Need to know how  to update LCD Dot Clock Frequency in 18xx.

Currently my BASE_LCD_CLK is IDIVE which around 5.6Mhz. My display dot clock is 30Mhz.  If i want to update the dot clock  to 30Mhz do i have update the IDIVE ? If yes how to update Idive