LPC1837 over OM13061 USB Host enumeration fail

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by brunoalmeida on Fri Jul 25 17:51:08 MST 2014
Hello LPCXpresso Support,

  I've been working with the sample code from link when i found out a problem. The code present in link is not enumerating a USB MassStorage while in host mode. What we found out about this problem:

  *software/LPCUSBLib/Drivers/USB/Core/HCD/EHCI/EHCI.c:889 - void HcdIrqHandler(uint8_t HostID)

  After intercepting the USB interruption, USB_REG(HostID)->USBINTR_H register have 0x000c0026 and USB_REG(HostID)->USBSTS_H have 0x00008088. At line 893 the operation USB_REG(HostID)->USBSTS_H & t where t = USB_REG(HostID)->USBINTR_H the result is 0, so its not possible to handle the rest of the interruptions (EHC_USBSTS_PortChangeDetect, EHC_USBSTS_UsbAsyncInt, EHC_USBSTS_UsbPeriodInt, EHC_USBSTS_UsbErrorInt, EHC_USBSTS_IntAsyncAdvance) and the program loops infinity in software/LPCUSBLib/Drivers/USB/Core/Host.c:47 void USB_Host_ProcessNextHostState(uint8_t corenum) because  USB_HostState[corenum] is set as HOST_STATE_Unattached.

  We believe that USBSTS_H should have at least EHC_USBSTS_PortChangeDetect set, but we can't figure out why it is not set.

Thanks in advance.  ;-)