Can LPC18x0 boot from SPIFI source connected to DualSPI mode flash (not QuadSPI)

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Hi All,

I also have a question regarding the booting for LPC1850 chip from SPIFI. We are going to use the Pins P3_4 and P3_5 assigned for SPIFI SIO2 and SIO3 for different pin function (audio I2S - this is the only possible config for this function regarding these pins). So we will not have these pins available for SPIFI SIO2 and SIO3 functions. We know that we can boot from normal SPI (SSP0) boot mode but the pin functions will be assigned differently for SPI then for SPIFI and we will not have SPIFI mapped memory in this case.
The question is - Is it possible to boot from Quad SPI flash like for example Spansion S25FL064P used on Hitex boards without SIO2 and SIO3 connected to this chip - means in Dual SPIFI mode? We know that the dual SPIFI mode is supported for normal operations. Is Dual SPIFI mode supported for Booting in the ROM of LPC18x0 devices?

Thank you!