local SRAM vs AHB SRAM

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Dill on Tue Oct 07 23:54:42 MST 2014
I can't find any information about how to deal with AHB SRAM. Can it be used like local SRAM or are there differences?

I just ran into a problem with AHB SRAM and IAP:

there are four 16k blocks of AHB SRAM.
When the 512 bytes I want to copy to flash are located fully in one block, it works:

// ---- OK, this is completely in the third of four blocks
flash_storage           0x2000be00   0x200  Data  Lc  IAP.o [1]

// ---- NOT OK, this is in the third and fourth block
flash_storage           0x2000be04   0x200  Data  Lc  IAP.o [1]

So obviously there are some pitfalls using AHB SRAM.