LPC183x TFGA100 JTAG/SWD not working

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Hi Sir, 

  We got issue from this week which JTAG/SWD lost link with the chip,

   some condition as Below :

  1. Keil 4.5 + Jlink , and SPIFI mode.

  2. the chip is LPC1830BGA100--, and LPC1837BGA100-A

    there are 5 pcs of 10 PCB lost link after a week working.

 3, base On openplatform 1.02 , we just add some GPIO and timer control ..

   no CRP register touch , no AES touch ..

  4. when lost JLINK, the chip is working normal , SPIFI interface working.

     only JTAG lost link, and can't update .

 5. when lost Jlink, P2.7 ISP pin control is not working.

6. When lost Jlink, we try to configure boot mode from USB1 ,

    and it's working, i can install LPC USBD driver.

6. we try to replace SPI flash ( W25Q32BV) , and Jtag still not working.

   even remove SPI Flash , Jlink still not working.

7. those PCB are working normal few days , and working by un-know reason.

any suggestion for us ?

tks !