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I need some help, please.

I have read in the manual and a number of other places that the DMA controller must be programmed for memory to memory transfers to DMA from/to GPIO.
However, in the code for NXP's app note AN11365 the DMA  channel configuration is set for peripheral to memory to do GPIO to memory transfers

Here's NXP's code::
s_ccb.pCHN->CONFIG = | XferDoneIrqEn | 0UL<<0  | YACB_SCTDMAPERIPNUM<<1 | 0UL<<6 | 2UL<<11 | 1UL<<15;
the 2UL<<11 bits are what's setting up the p>m transfer, and is documented as such in the codes comments.

Can someone please clarify this for me, please.

What I'm trying to do use Timer3 Capture 1 to trigger a DMA request which would result in a DMA transfer from GPIO to memory.
Timer 3 is set as a counter and  set to reset and toggle it's match bit on a match. The match value is a 1.
DMA is configured for m>m, with source address = GPIO port address and destination of external RAM.
LPC->CREG = 3 sets the DMA request from T3C1 to peripheral 0.
The DMA channel reg is configured for peripheral 0 as it's source.

So whats my problem?

Well, when I run it it DMA's from GPIO to memory just fine. However, it completely ignores the DMA requests from Timer3 and completes the full DMA in about 1/10th of the time it should, so I assume it's running on it's internal clock for DMA requests.

I appreciate any help.