LPC Open USB for NGX Xplorer1837-57 Problem.

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by dsidlauskas on Mon Feb 09 15:47:19 MST 2015
I'm trying to get LPC Open USB code from ngx_xplorer_1830_usbd_rom_examples to work with my NGX LPC1857 Xplorer board.

I'm using LPC Open V2.12 and Keil Uv4.7.

I've changed the target from 1830 to 1857 and changed the Keil debug initialization file to use internal flash.

The code compiles, links, and loads with no problem, and when run it completes it's USB initialization with no errors. It then hangs waiting for the host to complete it's initialization.

The host never sees the device. I've looked at DP and DN with a scope and they never go high.

The board runs USB using the sample code provided by NGX, so I don't think it's a hardware failure issue.

I assume that the LPC Open code works on the NGX1830 board. Is there some difference with USB between the 1837 and 1857 that could account for this lack of behavior.

I'd appreciate any suggestions or advice.