What is the USART boot protocol?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Grant.Edwards on Thu Apr 11 10:04:26 MST 2013
I'm trying to boot a Keil MCB1857 eval board through
USART 3, and the protocol described in the NXP user's
manual appears to be wrong.

I send a 0x3f as described in the NXP user manual,
and I expected to get back the string "OK\r\n", but
instead I get back "Syncrhonized\r\n".

So, I change my code to accept "Synchronized" instead
of "OK".  After I send the header and the file, I
expect to get back "OK\r\n" or "FAILED\r\n".  But, I
get neither -- I get back three bytes: "\xda\x00\r".

Where can I find a document describing the protocol
used to to download a binary to the LPC1800 when
booting via USART?