Migrating from LPC1766 to LPC1830

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We are redesigning a board that currently  runs with LPC1766. We will deploy the LPC1830 for this upgrade. My main concern is to implement a firmware update though USB memory sticks. In the LPC1766 we implemented our own algorithm stored in a sector of the internal flash(32K). This boot loader used calls to IAP (in Application Program) implemented in ROM.  In my firmware  I had  also implement the Mass Storage Class which I downloaded from lpcware.com wich I interfaced with a .lib to implement FAT16.
Now if LPC1830, how can I implement it? Since There is no internal FLASH to store the boadloader  to update the firmware trough USB stick memory? Is it possible to have a separate external flash memory to store the boot loader to update the quadSPI (applicaton firmware)  trougth USB?