version of boot-ROM codes

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by uratan on Sat Oct 27 21:20:06 MST 2012
I have just started to try LPC1830 with NGX LPC1830-Xplorer.

LPC1830-Xplorer has a QSPI flash 'S25FL032P' (Spansion),
and this flash is listed as supported in User manual (Table.282) .
but SPIFI SCK is driven at 18MHz just after spifi-boot.

Also, my boot-ROM has a entry for spifi_init() but
NULL(0x0000_0000) for spifi_program().
(further more, spifi_init() in boot-ROM returns)
(SPIFIobj structure without menber 'regbase'.)

So, I think, the revision of boot-ROM codes is something older
than some newest documents.

About the chip itself, we can know the chip-revision (and its eratta),
for example, my LPC1830 is "Rev.A" (<== "ESD11470AY").

Can I know the boot-ROM version and its history ?
Or can I update it to latest one ?
Or, the boot-ROM codes are comletely tied to chip revision ?
(means that update of boot codes will result update of chip revision)
  (if so, can my codes know the chip revision ?)