Use two USB Device CDC (Virtual COM) at same time

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by phbfonseca on Tue Jan 13 08:42:30 MST 2015
Hi there.

My name is Fonseca and I have some doubts about USB on LPC18XX. Would anyone clear up my doubts please?

I´ve a development kit based on LPC1857 microcontroller. As I read on User Manual, this microcontroller has two USBs (both are available in my kit), and I want to use both as Device USBS, working as CDC (I mean, I want to use these two USBs as two Virtual COM Ports). I have spent some time reseaching about it and I found a library called RL-USB library, but it seems unable to do what I want. I´ve got success managing one USB Device CDC, but I coudn´t find a way to connect, disconnect, get data and put data in both USBs (like two virtual COM ports).

Do anyone know another way for USBs management on LPC18XX (another library or code)? If yes, would anyone show me a library/code for working with two USBs as Virtual COM ports?

Best Regards.