LPC1837 receiving data on UART

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Im using the LPC1837 with LPCExpresso. So far Ive been able to send characters via UART0, but I am unable to receive any characters. Ive been using the uart functions from the header lpc18xx_uart.h in the CMSIS driver library.

I think I have narrowed it down to a  problem in software, as I've scoped the receive line when I send data. I also set the RX pin as a GPIO and was able to scope the pin toggling. I don't think its a baud rate issue since i can send data and read it on the other side.

Even when I send data the Line Status Register(LSR) doesn't show any change on the RDR bit (ie that its empty).

I've scoured the user manual and cant find anything... I think Im not setting a register correctly but don't know which one. My USART0 registers are all zero except for:
IIR = 0x01
LCR= 0x3

My code is as follows:

// Set Pin mode to RX
LPC_SCU->SFSP2_1 = (0x07 & 0x01);

//Condfigure Uart0 with fucntions from lpc18xx_uart.h
UART_CFG_Type  uartCfg;

while(1) {

lsr= UART_GetLineStatus(LPC_USART0);
a= UART_ReceiveByte(LPC_USART0);

//check if has received anything on LSR RBR bit
b=lsr & 1;
//send data back

Any help would be greatly appreciated.