LPC1817 with extended SPIFI Flash don't work

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Hi all,

I' ve changed my controller from LPC1830 with external SPIFI Flash (16M) to LPC1817 with the same external Flash.
The LPC1817 works fine, when I boot with SPIFI. Is works fine, wenn I boot from internal Flash.
But now I want to use the internal Flash for the program and the extenal SPIFI Flash for large constant, because my internal flash is not enough.

It dosn't work. I've included the spifi_drv_M3.lib.

I use Keil. You can see my scatter file:

LR_IROM1 0x1A000000 0x00080000  {    ; load region size_region
  ER_IROM1 0x1A000000 0x00080000  {  ; load address = execution address
   *.o (RESET, +First)
   .ANY (+RO)
  RW_IRAM1 0x10000000 0x00008000  {  ; RW data
   .ANY (+RW +ZI)
  RW_IRAM2 0x20000000 0x00010000  {
   .ANY (+RW +ZI)
   *spifi_drv_M3.lib (+RO +ZI +RW)   ; spifi library
  RW_CODE  0x2000FF00 0x00000100{  ;
   *.o (RAMCODESECTION)              ; used for firmware update copy-function

LR_IROM2 0x1B000000 0x00080000  {
  ER_IROM2 0x1B000000 0x00080000  {  ; load address = execution address
   .ANY (+RO)

LR_ROM1 0x14000000 0x1000000  {    : EXTERNAL FLASH MEMORY
  ER_ROM1 0x14000000 0x1000000  { 
   *.o (FW_STATIC);                ; DeviceClass, SW+HW Number
   ;  screen_splashscreen.o(.constdata)

I hope somebody can help me!!

Best regards