Compiling source for LPC1837 Explorer

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by tvink on Fri Jan 02 14:57:59 MST 2015

Received my LPC1837 Explorer today and am having trouble compiling the demo sources.

I set up a new workspace and perform the steps listed in the users guide for LPCXpresso v6 ( I have v7.5.0 ).  When I build all, I get a yellow warning stating "Invalid project path: Referenced project is not accessible".
There appears to be no additional info to go on.  I have experimented for a couple of hours but have succeed only in making it worse.  The error is only on the
project: ngx_xplorer_1830_lpcusblib_DualDeviceAudioMSC.  The other two projects appear to compile OK.  I am guessing that the error is more serious than a simple warning so I want to get to the bottom of this.

I am thinking that the import process must be slightly different for the new version of LPCXpresso but I have not been able to guess how.

My installation of LPCXpresso is pretty vanilla, newly installed before the holidays.