LPC1830 UART3 boot and then, program the qSPI flash

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by darkknight on Wed Jun 20 20:41:21 MST 2012
We'll be running embedded eCoS in our LPC1830 based product that will have a serial console port and 64Mb qSPI flash. In default mode, I will set up the boot strap pins so that it boots from qSPI flash. However, there won't be any code in the qSPI flash the very first time the product is started up. So, I need to provide a method of in-system programming. Since I'll have the serial console port in the product and LPC1830 supports UART3 boot mode, can I boot via UART3, load code into the processor RAM to transfer bootloader file into the qSPI flash? Once the minimum required bootloader is in the qSPI flash, I'll reset the product and have it boot from qSPI and continue with rest of the programming.

Can the above be done? Boot off of UART3 and program the qSPI flash? Thanks.